Diginpro is a product to revolutionise the education and freelancing—we’ve been helping the youth of our country India for over a decade.​

The best freelance jobs, hand-picked & delivered daily to your mailbox.

Trade your worst clients for some of the best companies in the world with our freelance job list, community, & course library.

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“I’m booked out for the next 6 months…thanks to Diginpro and its academy.”

—Shiva Yarramallu, Freelance Writer

Why freelancers fail?

Client jobs are the life-blood of any freelance business. But most freelancers have never learned 3 critical things:

  • Where to look for actual, quality clients and job leads
  • How to pitch your services in a way that almost guarantees you win
  • How to convert your wishy-washy freelancing into a predictable business

That's why we built Diginpro

With Diginpro, you get two essential tools to help build your freelance business:

Weekly Gig Lists

We are now in collaboration with some of the most sharp-witted freelancers and solopreneurs. With the help of them same, we have brought to you the highest quality education and training on the topics based on client pitching, sales conversion, and client acquisition.

Courses & Tools

Our team of solopreneurs grooms various groups of job boards on weekly basis and awares you about the most prominent jobs that are available on the platform daily. This saves you a lot of time of searching jobs that ultimately helps you in doing work that you actually enjoy.

Weekly Gig Lists:

Stop wasting hours hunting for clients. We'll do it for you.

You didn’t become a freelancer to spend hours every week hunched in front of your computer scrolling through endless job listings.

Let our team free up your time which you can turn into billable work — getting paid more and doing work you actually enjoy.

Stop hunting. Start billing.

Here’s how it works:

1. We scour the web for the best freelance jobs.

Our team manually checks nearly 100 sites, gig lists and job boards for the best freelancing opportunities found on the web, guaranteed.

2. You get daily hand-picked quality leads.

We update our huge list containing the top 1% of gigs found from our extensive search. No fluff or garbage here, only the best gigs the web has to offer.

3. Your business improves & grows.

As you pitch clients from our lead list, your business grows. You’ll trade your worst clients for some of the best companies in the world.

Premium Courses & Tools

Stop paying thousands for business courses.

In school, they taught you how to be great at your craft. What they didn’t teach you was how to actually run a freelance business.

So we’ve compiled over 100+ courses, videos, lessons, tools, templates, and other resources all with one goal in mind: help you get better clients.

The training and education inside Diginpro is absolutely top-notch. No matter what your skill level or how many years of experience you have, you'll find something here to uplevel your freelance career and help you earn more.

—Monika Bijlani, SEO Copywriter

As a member, you’ll get instant unlimited access to our entire library for free.

Here’s what’s inside:

100+ Structured lessons from different sources around the internet.

Video and written courses from experts on pitching clients,selling yourself,
managing your finances, and more.

Expert interviews

Interviews with freelancers who are thriving & ready to share their best tips, tactics and
advice with you.

Summing it all up

Here’s everything you’ll get with your Diginpro membership

  • Hand-picked freelance jobs updated nearly every single day
  • 100+ course lessons from experts in freelancing & business
  • Instant access to long-form interviews with six-figure freelancers
  • Hand-picked freelance jobs updated nearly every single day
  • Immediate access to new features & content at no extra cost
  • Fixed subscription price that will never change

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